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Musings of a part-time hacker

Rails Deployment on the Cheap

Recently I have been working on increasingly complex Rails apps and have been looking for a way to better handle deploying them. That being said, these are apps that only a handful of people are using and are all hosted on Heroku.

The following is the recipe I have pulled together to take the deployment of these apps a bit more seriously while not making it too complilcated. Think $ git push heroku meets $ cap deploy.

Lazy Vim Completion

Vim has a great completion system, capable of intelligently supporting a whole range of filetypes, and overall is a great piece of the vim picture. The key feature that I was hoping to find was the ability to trigger completion and move through the list of completion options using a single key combo, preferably on the home row. What follows is my current method for doing this.

Offline Docs the Easy Way

I will be taking a few flights in the coming weeks and I wanted to arrange to have access to the documentation for some of the tools and frameworks I have been using.

I searched around a bit and found a suggestion at the bottom of this thread that explained how to do this with a single shell command. Big win!

Command-T Optimized

Command-T is a vim plugin for rapid file navigation using fuzzy path matching. It is one of the few plugins I find truly essential. Although profoundly useful, I find that there are a few customizations that make it unbeatable.

In order to make Command-T a little more friendly, I do the following:

  • Make all Command-T actions relative the current git repo root
  • Use the .gitignore to filter the file list
  • Setup a collection of maps for starting Command-T in subfolders

Hello World

Please pardon the cliché title, but I had to start somewhere.

This is my new personal site and blog. I expect it to mostly track my coding work, but I am open to seeing where it goes. In general I find that explaining or teaching seems to be a good way for me to sort out what I think about various topics, so most posts will most likely be me explaining something to a slightly younger version of me.

Some of the topics I expect my turn up are vim, zsh, ruby, rails, coffescript, backbone.js, and other coding related topics along with some post related to productivity, GTD, and other similarly hip topics.

Wish me luck!