Hey there! I’m Chris.

I’m a web developer, product consultant, and contract CTO/team lead/you name it. I love building for the web and helping companies succeed.

Looking for help building your platform, empowering your team, or tackling everything in between? We should chat!

I’m based in the Boston area and always happy to meet for coffee and tech talk.


Over the past decade, I’ve worked with dozens of companies of all sizes – from just 2 people to 250,000 – helping teams get out of technical debt, move to new platforms, refactor complex code, implement agile processes, migrate seamlessly to new technologies, establish a tech stack, develop architecture to build and grow their platform, and lots more.

I’m happy to work in any tech stack, but I’m especially excited about and experienced with:

From that first version to the tenth pivot, I can help you and your team build the right product – and build it well. Let’s discuss how I can help.


From one-off presentations to week-long workshops to long-term staff augmentation, I can provide the support and mentoring to help your team ship with confidence well after I’m gone.

I can provide technical training across a wide variety of topics, including:

Interested in leveling up your team? Get in touch to see how I can help!

I’ve also taught thousands with my online content, full-time bootcamp instruction, and conference talks and workshops. I can tailor content and delivery based on your team needs as well. Get a sneak preview below…

With over 500,000 views across platforms and similar numbers of listens to my podcast episodes, I’ve helped thousands of developers master new technologies. Head over to the speaking page to see a full list of my conference talks, educational videos, and podcasts.

Solid code, the right features, and a strong team

I would love to help you build your platform, empower your team, and tackle everything in between. Let's talk!