Mastering the Vim Language

This is the talk that I'm most proud of. In it, I dig into the Vim's "Language" which makes it so unique and powerful, while sharing some tips for expanding on this language to take things even further. Folks on reddit and twitter also seemed to like it, which is always nice.

GraphQL and React

Bringing Simplicity and Correctness to a Client Near You

GraphQL and React, two great technologies, event better together! In this talk I cover both the theory and practice of client development with React and GraphQL, along the way highlighting the areas where we can even more strongly leverage its power and flexibility.

TypeScript and React

TypeScript is taking the JavaScript world by storm, and with good reason. TypeScript provides a gradual path to improving our code, avoiding errors, better developer experience and more. This talk provides a brief summary of the world of typed languages, an overview of TypeScript's features, as well as deeper dives into how TypeScript integrates with the world of React.

Your First Vim Plugin

Vim plugins can be daunting to get started with, so with this talk I do my best to provide a simple and approachable way to get started with building your first Vim plugin. From there I provide a handful of tips and steps to go further and dig deeper into the magical world of tricking your text editor into learning new tricks.

Upcase is thoughtbot's screencast and exercise-based training service. I had the pleasure of getting to work on and eventually manage all of Upcase from April 2015 through August 2016. During that time I produced a ton of videos including a number of full length courses:

Upcase Courses

The Weekly Iteration

In addition to the courses I worked on, I also hosted The Weekly Iteration, our weekly discussion video series on Upcase. For over a year I released a new episode every week, recording over 60 episodes on myriad topics such as:


Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots

Starting in early 2016 I joined the Giant Robots podcast as a cohost to talk about my work on Upcase. This was an extremely interesting time as I was not only producing all the new content for Upcase but also directing the marketing, deciding on product direction, and overall steering the ship. These episodes were, in typical thoughtbot fashion, very transparent and dug deep into the highs and lows of running an online product.

My run as cohost ran from episode 176: The Pricing is Right for 30 episodes, ending with episode 205: Bottling Calm, where I looked back on my time as Upcase product manager, content producer, and all the other aspects of the role.

The Bike Shed

Derek and Sean of the wonderful Bike Shed podcast we're kind enough to have me on for an episode entitled 106: Nerd Sniping where we discussed my ongoing side project, Tell Me When It Closes, as well as some of the adventures we took along the way with Haskell, GraqphQL, and more.

Solid code, the right features, and a strong team

I would love to help you build your platform, empower your team, and tackle everything in between. Let's talk!